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PRESS RELEASE: Strong Condemnation of the Hong Kong SAR Government for Sentencing Hong Kong Residents in Japan over Political Activities

A Hong Kong student studying in a university in Japan was arrested upon her return to Hong Kong after updating her identity card due to her participation in political activities and expression of views outside Hong Kong. Earlier today, she was sentenced to two months of imprisonment by a Hong Kong court.

The Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance strongly condemns the Hong Kong government and the court for disregarding the freedom of speech of Hong Kong residents in Japan and for enforcing the law and sentencing based on the political activities of Hong Kong people outside the territory. The expressions of Hong Kong residents in Japan, where freedom of speech is protected, are used by the Hong Kong SAR government for unjustified arrests and prosecutions. This not only triggers a chilling effect within the Hong Kong community residing abroad but also directly infringes on freedom of speech worldwide, violating Japan's sovereign jurisdiction. It is an extraterritorial oppression by the Hong Kong and Chinese governments against Hong Kong people and other nations worldwide who oppose communist rule.

Spokesperson for the Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance, Sam Yip, stated: "This case demonstrates that the Hong Kong government is abusing legal procedures to restrict the speech of overseas Hong Kong residents, with the aim of creating a chilling effect, which goes against international human rights standards that safeguard peaceful expression of speech."

The Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance urges the Japanese government to strongly condemn the improper arrests and sentencing by the Hong Kong SAR government and its courts. We call upon the Japanese government to take measures to safeguard the legitimate rights, including freedom of speech, of Hong Kong residents in Japan and Japanese individuals who support the Hong Kong democracy movement.






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