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このような素晴らしいイベントを開催してくださった Canada-Hong Kong Link に、招待と努力に感謝します。今後もカナダ・香港リンクや 台灣香港協會 Taiwan Hong Kong AssociationThe Campaign for Hong Kongとの対話や協力を楽しみにしています。

It was our honor to speak at seminar of “The Exodus: Next 10 Years of Global Hong Kong Communities” organized by Canada-Hong Kong Link. We exchanged opinions and insights on what lifeboat or immigration options are available for Hongkongers in different countries, and the challenges Hongkongers face when trying to settle in the local communities.

We would like to thank Canada-Hong Kong Link for their invitation and effort in hosting such a great event. We look forward to future dialogue and collaboration with Canada-Hong Kong Link and 台灣香港協會 Taiwan Hong Kong Association, The Campaign for Hong Kong.

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