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  • ケビン・ヤム 任建峰氏 弁護士、オーストラリア国籍 「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑

  • エルマー・ユエン 袁弓夷氏  香港議会創設者 「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」「国家政権転覆罪」の容疑

  • アンナ・クオク 郭鳳儀氏  香港民主委員会の執行総監 「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑

  • デニス・クオク 郭榮鏗氏  元香港立法会議員、弁護士 「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑

  • テッド・ホイ 許智峰氏  元香港立法会議員 「国家政権転覆罪」、「国家分裂罪」、「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑

  • モン・シウ・タット 蒙兆達氏  香港職工会連盟(職工盟)の元事務局長、英国NGO香港労権監察創設者 「国家分裂罪」の容疑

  • フィン・ラウ 劉祖迪氏  Stand with Hong KongとHong Kong Libertyの創設者 「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑

  • ネイサン・ロウ 羅冠聡氏 元香港立法会議員

「国家分裂罪」と「外国又は境外勢力と結託し国家安全に危害を及ぼす罪」の容疑 香港政府の行動は、海外の香港の民主活動家に対する脅迫の試みです。国安法は国際人権規約を違反しており、国連から何度も批判されています。香港政府は海外の香港コミュニティに対して脅威となる効果を生み出し、国家安全保障の名のもと、香港政府に対する批判者をすべて沈黙させようとしていることが明らかになります。


日本香港民主連盟 2023年7月3日

Statement: Hong Kong National Security Police Issue Arrest Warrants Against Eight Self-Exiled Activists - An Act Against International Practice

Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance strongly condemns the Hong Kong national security police’s unacceptable move to issue arrest warrants against eight prominent self-exiled activists with a bounty of HK$1 million each. It is another attempt by the Hong Kong government to claim the “extraterritorial” effect of the Hong Kong National Security Law, which was forcibly imposed by the Chinese government in 2020.

The eight activists include:

  • Solicitor Kevin Yam Kin-fung, an Australian citizen, accused of “collusion with foreign forces”;

  • Elmer Yuen (Yuan Gong-yi), founder of Hong Kong Parliament, accused of “collusion with foreign forces” and “subversion”;

  • Anna Kwok Fung-yee, Executive Director of Hong Kong Democracy Council, accused of “collusion with foreign forces”;

  • Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, former Hong Kong legislator and barrister, accused of “collusion with foreign forces”;

  • Ted Hui Chi-fung, former Hong Kong legislator, accused of “incitement to subversion”, “incitement to secession” and “collusion with foreign forces”;

  • Mung Siu-tat, former Chief Executive of Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions, accused of “incitement to secession”

  • Finn Lau, founder of “Stand with Hong Kong” and “Hong Kong Liberty”, accused of “collusion with foreign forces”

  • Nathan Law, former Hong Kong legislator, accused of “incitement to secession” and “collusion with foreign forces”

The Hong Kong government’s action is an attempt to threaten overseas Hong Kong pro-democracy activists. The Hong Kong National Security Law has been repeatedly criticised by the United Nations for violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Hong Kong is a state party. It is obvious that the Hong Kong government wants to create a chilling effect among the overseas Hong Kong community in an attempt to silence all critics against the Hong Kong government in the name of “national security”.

The Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance stands in solidarity with these courageous activists and all those fighting for democracy, human rights, and freedom in Hong Kong. We urge Japanese citizens and the government to stand in solidarity with these activists and raise awareness about the deteriorating situation in Hong Kong.

Japan Hong Kong Democracy Alliance

July 3, 2023

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