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The Japan-Hong Kong Democracy Alliance is a dynamic platform dedicated to promoting democracy, freedom, and human rights in Hong Kong and Asia. As an alliance of pro-democracy groups and individuals, we are committed to challenging authoritarianism and advocating for a more just and inclusive society. We gather together to amplify our calls in advocacy.








Our symbol, the dandelion, embodies the resilience and determination of Hongkongers in diaspora. Just like the seeds of the dandelion, we may be scattered away from our home, but we carry with us the spirit of Hong Kong, spreading our ideals and growing anew wherever we land.

While we are all linked to Hong Kong in one way or another, we believe that the values are relevant beyond Hong Kong. We seek to foster collaboration and solidarity among diverse democratic movements across Asia. By joining forces and engaging in campaigns, cultural initiatives, and creative expressions, we aim to raise awareness, inspire change, and build a stronger network of democratic forces in the region.

At the core of our efforts is the belief that democracy is a universal value that should be embraced and protected by all nations. While recognizing the challenges and risks posed by authoritarian regimes, we remain resolute in our commitment to uphold human rights, civil liberties, and democratic principles.

By engaging with international partners and fostering meaningful collaborations, we aim to create lasting impact and effect positive change beyond borders and political cycles.

Join us in our pursuit of democracy, freedom, and human rights. Together, we can amplify our voices, inspire meaningful action, and pave the way for a brighter future in Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond.


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